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Behind the Scenes at a Health Care Startup - The Bright Health Story

The percentage of large employers who offered telemedicine benefits in 2015 was only 48 - that number has increased to 74 percent in 2016. 72 percent of hospitals use a telemedicine program while only 52 percent of physician groups implement them into their operation.

SourceAmerican Telemedicine Program

  "The problem is that the healthcare industry, in general, hasn't yet caught up to be able to deliver on people's digital demands and expectations. Furthermore, we're seeing that the companies that are delivering smartphone experiences, such as apps, are not doing enough in driving awareness and adoption."

Matthew Roberts, Analyst, ADI
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David Lee Scher: Five Ways Pharma Can Benefit From Digital Health Technologies

1. Data obtained via online support groups and social media
2. Innovative interactions with prescribers
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Source: Samsung Business Insights
Digital health devices: how mobile computing and communication are shaping the future of health care   Digital health devices: how mobile computing and communication are shaping the future of health care 

Professor Andrew Farmer is a General Practitioner at the University of Oxford. He will focus his talk on care for people with long-term health conditions and on the prospects for using new technologies for improving their health. Why is it taking so long for mobile devices to become part of routine health care?
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