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A survey conducted by West found that 91% of people with a chronic condition need help with care management, and 88% said that assistance would make a difference in their overall state of health. 70% of patients say they’d like their doctor to check in with them regularly, only 30% are seeing that benefit. And only 5% of providers are using mHealth surveys to keep tabs on their patients at home. 62% of the patients surveyed said remote monitoring devices that track data at home and send that information to their doctors would help.

Source - West

  “While the topic of machine learning and AI comes with some unknowns, in the medical field, we know the future of AI is bright and the possibilities are endless, We're at the forefront of something special. Ada continues to grow more intelligent with each passing day. US health care costs are the highest in the world and on the rise. Digital health technologies like Ada have the ability to cut costs significantly and improve access to health care for all Americans.”

-Daniel Nathrath, Co-Founder & CEO, Ada Health
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MobiHealth: 5 Digital Health Trends of 2017

1. Digital Interventions
2. Provider Workflow Solutions (or Healthcare Scalability Solutions)
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Source: MobiHealth
Microsoft's Vision for Digital Transformation in Health  Microsoft's Vision for Digital Transformation in Health

What exactly does Microsoft's digital transformation in health mean? Explore how Microsoft technology is improving global health through a digital transformation in the health industry.
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