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The Fifth Annual Accountable Care Web Summit

Researchers found that about 19% of U.S. adults have downloaded and regularly use a mobile health app. 18% have downloaded calorie-counting apps, of which 6% use them routinely. 16% have downloaded healthy recipe apps, of which 8% use routinely. 13% have downloaded food and exercise diary apps, of which 5% use them routinely.

SourceiHealth Beat


"I believe we will also see mHealth devices become even more ubiquitous, driven by non-health-related consumer companies - whom we can learn a great deal from in terms of making health and wellness a part of our day-to-day lives."

Rich Scarfo, Vice President, Personal Connected Health Alliance
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5 Steps to Building Successful Digital Health Solutions

1. Context - Understanding the context of a piece of technology is essential for it to have any positive impact whether that's operationally or clinically
2. Interoperability - Healthcare is notoriously siloed and we're not breaking out of those silos fast enough
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Source: HIT Consultant
The Growing Adoption of Mobile Healthcare  The Growing Adoption of Mobile Healthcare

Mobile healthcare's (mHealth) increasing adoption in public health and healthcare and what it means to healthcare organizations such as Google, Samsung and Apple.
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