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A survey conducted by Rock Health of 4,000+ people found that, of those tracking their health, the most common metrics recorded using an app are physical activity (44%) and heart rate (31%).The factors least likely to be recorded in an app are blood pressure (14%) and medication adherence (10%). Of those who have downloaded health apps, most have done so after discovering the app online or in the app store (41%).

Source - Rock Health

  “Telemedicine, which provides patients with the ability to see a healthcare provider without leaving the house - via remote communication tools - is increasing in popularity in the healthcare space. This shift from an in-person to digital approach works because it's clear there is still a human on the other end. If you took away the human and replaced it with a bot, would the level of trust stay the same? Almost certainly not.”

Ben Ihnchak, Partner, Fuzzy Math
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Rock Health: % Searched for health Information, % Acted Upon Information

1. 33% of Americans have used the Internet to gather information about supplements in the last six months.
2. 62% of Americans have used the Internet to search for information about prescription drugs.
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Source: Rock Health
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Advantages, and disadvantages of mHealth.
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