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National Medicaid Transformation and Provider Collaboration Web Summit

28% of Americans say they have used wearable activity trackers or apps on their smartphone or tablet during the past 12 months. Within that group, 72% of people reported sharing their personal health data. 46% reported sharing data with their family. 34% share data with a fitness trainer, doctor, nutritionist or other healthcare professional. 33% of people share their personal information with friends and colleagues. Also, 16% of people share data on social media network(s).

Source - Wellocracy
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“Our plan is to use the experience gained in Silicon Valley on consumer empowerment, deep healthcare experience, and cutting-edge global cellular technology to provide solutions that empower people with diabetes and their support teams…to focus on living their on-the-go lives, not on their chronic conditions”

Glen Tullman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Livongo Health
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Stephanie Ocano: 6 Steps To Drive An mHealth Project

1. Identify a viable opportunity- Is there a real problem or compelling event to address?
2. Identify all stakeholders and benefits for each of them- Can we identify all stakeholders and users – not just the obvious ones like HCP or patient?
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Source: Healthcare Global
Mobile Innovation for Development  Mobile Innovation for Development

SIMLab uses mobile phone technology to connect people with governments and community groups that are providing goods, services, and information. Nethope, amongst other things, facilitates safe and secure mobile payments. mHealth uses mobile phone technology to improve people’s health, help health workers provide better services to women and children, and enable countries to carry out disease surveillance and respond to health issues.

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