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Member & Patient Identity Intelligence

Researchers at Microsoft conducted a study by using large-scale wearable sensor data collected from Microsoft Band users and search engine logs. The study found Pokemon Go players increased their physical activity by 26% in the 30-day period measured and, what's more, the most engaged players took an average of 1,473 additional steps daily. Those same highly engaged users, in fact, were three times more likely to meet the official guideline of 8,000 steps per day.


  “We believe consumers are intelligent -- they manage their families, homes, education, and finances, and deserve the basic right and tools to take charge of their health now too. We strongly believe the more data you have, the better decisions you can make.”

Kate Moloney-Egnatios, Founder & CEO, BasilHealth
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5 Challenges Providers Face When Developing Mobile Apps

1. Budget
2. Skills
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Source: HIT Consultant
Node.js and JavaScript in the Healthcare Enterprise  Node.js and JavaScript in the Healthcare Enterprise

Healthcare continues to be driven by modern consumer expectations, legislations, regulations, and more importantly innovations in software engineering and technology.
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