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Digital Transformation Piece by Piece: A Game Plan for the Unshakable Healthcare Payer

San Francisco Health Network piloted the secure email system at its Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and the University of California San Francisco Family Medicine Inpatient Service. About 1,300 patients participated in the pilot, and were compared with a control group of more than 5,300. 53% of those in the pilot visited a primary care physician within a week of discharge by 2015, while 38% of the control group did the same. The study also found 58% fewer readmissions within 30 days among patients who followed up with primary care docs shortly after discharge. The researchers conducted a follow-up survey to pilot participants, and 86% of outpatient primary care doctors said they received discharge details within one or two days. 82% said that the system improved communication with inpatient clinicians, and 72% said it made scheduling follow-ups easier.

Source - FierceHealthcare

  “Digital health is worth investigating. We've seen a lot of healthy people leveraging devices to understand fitness. And we do see growing evidence in healthcare of organizations leveraging similar technology to improve care. We have to better understand how patients engage and study the outcomes. There are the early adopters, and there's the rest of us.”

-Deneen Vojta, Executive VP of Research & Development, UnitedHealth Group
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MassChallenge: 32 Startups for 2018 Digital Health Accelerator

1. aam
2. Aluna
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Top 5 Digital Health Stories In 2017 - The Medical Futurist  Top 5 Digital Health Stories In 2017 - The Medical Futurist

2017 has been an exciting year for digital health! It’s that time of the year when it is worth looking back at the previous months and list the inventions, methods or milestone events that will definitely shape healthcare for the years to come.

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