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2016 Medical Cost Trends & Implications: PwC Research Behind the Numbers

About 72.1 million wearable devices will be shipped this year, a new report estimates, a clear sign that the market will not be slowing down anytime soon. There were 26.4 million wearables shipped last year; if its estimate holds true for 2015, that will be a growth of 173.3 percent.

SourceInternational Data Corporation

"As long as tech companies view wearables and apps as consumer-driven markets, these products will remain a fad. But if they engage physicians to recommend these products, wearables and apps will be viewed as part of healthcare and become permanent fixtures."

Jason LaBonte, President, MedPanel
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Tina Koro: 7 rules to making mHealth messaging meaningful

1. Determine the target behavior and demographic for the mobile messaging app
2. Develop approaches to measure outcomes and user engagement
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Source: Santech
PegaWORLD 2015: Engaging the New Healthcare Consumer in a Digital World  PegaWORLD 2015: Engaging the New Healthcare Consumer in a Digital World

As the healthcare ecosystem continues to rapidly change, the “new healthcare consumer” takes unprecedented control over how they purchase, access, consume and value healthcare services. No longer are their expectations shaped by traditional healthcare models.
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