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In 2014, the remote monitoring services segment dominated the mHealth services market with a share of 63.7%. However, fitness and wellness service is the fastest-growing segment, growing at a CAGR of 48.1%.

SourceMarkets and Markets

“What we’re seeing is that mobile technologies are increasing accessibility not necessarily to healthcare but to health information. This, in general, is a good thing considering that enormous amounts of our health population are not health literate. One of the ways to combat that is to have other channels to disseminate information.”

Eric Swirsky, Professor Healthcare Informatics, University of Illinois at Chicago
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Nathaniel M. Lacktman: Five Telemedicine Trends Transforming Health Care In 2016

1. Expanding Reimbursement and Payment Opportunities - Both private and government payers will continue to expand telemedicine coverage as consumers gain experience with the technology
2. Uptick in International Arrangements - In 2016, more U.S. hospitals and health care providers will forge ties with overseas medical institutions, spreading U.S. health care expertise abroad
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Source: Foley & Lardner LLP
Where's the Next Digital Health Unicorn? Rock Health Summit 2015  Where's the Next Digital Health Unicorn? Rock Health Summit 2015

An early-stage company with the potential and follow through to become a billion dollar paradigm-shifter can be as elusive, but hopefully not as mythical, as a unicorn. We pick the brains of investing heavy-weights to talk cold, hard facts: where can we find unicorns in digital health?
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