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e-Brief: Transitioning: Insights into Changing from Fee Based to Value Based Payment Models Sponsored by LexisNexis

The global mHealth market was valued $10.5 billion in 2014 growing at a CAGR of 33.5% from 2015 to 2020. Currently, the market is experiencing a resurgence due to the increased mobile penetration, which is more than 100% in developed markets and the similar trends in developing markets such as Asia-Pacific and Africa. 

SourceThe Market Research Store

  “While patients have access to an exponentially increasing number of apps, the research literature has not kept pace. But this lack of data has not held back the high level of industry and consumer interest.” 

Peter Yellowlees, UC Davis Professor, Psychiatry     
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Erica Garvin: 6 Recent Digital Health Innovations to Watch

1. DNA Thermometer - The world’s smallest medical device, it’s going to be tough to beat out a thermometer 20,000 times smaller than a single human hair  
2. GeNemo Search Engine - Designed to effectively search functional genomic data from online data repositories
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Source: HIT Consultant
Personalized Mobile Health Interventions, Ambuj Tewari, PhD   Personalized Mobile Health Interventions, Ambuj Tewari, PhD

Do mobile health interventions have the potential to help improve healthcare access in the developing world? And what are the challenges of making them work well? In the video excerpt above, New York Academy of Sciences Member Ambuj Tewari, PhD, of the University of Michigan, speaks on "Personalized Mobile Health Interventions" at our 10th Annual Machine Learning Symposium.
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