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The total worth of mHealth apps in 2010 was a mere $85 million. Since then, it has grown to approximately $489 million in 2015. While $489 million is not a huge amount in comparison to the entirety of the apps market, it still shows considerable growth for a five year span. This growth is faster than many other categories of apps. The overall app growth was 38.1 percent compounded annually over the past five years, while for medical apps it was 41.9 percent.


“While much progress has been made over the past two years, mHealth apps are still far from being a fully integrated component of healthcare delivery. Healthcare providers are actively addressing the remaining barriers. These include developing and adopting trusted platforms for ongoing apps curation and evaluation, creating practical reimbursement models and ensuring true interoperability within and across healthcare systems.”

Murray Aitken, Executive director, The IMS Institute
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Nathaniel Lacktman: The Telehealth Top 10 For 2015

1. Rapid Growth of Telehealth Investment Activity
2. Cross-Border Licensure and the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
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JD Supra Business Advisor
How Physicians Can Reduce Risk In mHealth  How Physicians Can Reduce Risk In mHealth

mHealth is the use of wireless and mobile devices to assist and improve healthcare services and outcomes. Allan Ridings and Joseph Wager, senior risk management and patient safety specialists at the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc., discuss ways physicians can reduce risk of breaches in patient data and privacy when using mHealth services.
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