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Paving the Way for Value Based Partnerships in Healthcare

85 – 94% of all adults in the US own a mobile phone. 58 – 61% of the people who use cell phones in the US possess smart phones. One in every three of these smart phone users have searched for health – related information on their gadget. Roughly 52% of the smartphone owners in the US search for health information on their device and about one in every five users have a health – related app installed on their phone.

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“The sports and wellbeing monitoring market has already drawn Samsung, Google, and Apple into developing devices and platforms to capture health and activity data. These will increasingly be extended to serve specific markets, primarily elderly care or aging in place applications.”

Jonathan Collins, Principal Analyst, ABI Research
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Brian Dolan: Digital Health Devices Cleared By The FDA

1. Kinsa Smart Thermometer - Takes and tracks body temperature
2. Health Interlink Beacon 2.0 - Integrates data from various home health devices
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Mega-Trend #5: mHealth & Connected Health  Mega-Trend #5: mHealth & Connected Health

Christina "CK" Kerley discusses the growing mega-trend of connected health and mHealth--from The State Of Innovation (September 2014).
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