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Benchmarking Healthcare Social Media

New report from communications and consulting firm. Mobile health specifically took in $401 million — $129 million went to 23 companies with app-centric offerings, while 17 companies working on wearables took in $226 million. Five other mobile health companies took in $46 million.

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“It was a quarter of several milestones, the first billion dollar fundraising quarter for the sector which has now raised almost $7 billion in venture funding since 2010. Healthcare IT funding rounds have now crossed 1,000. We are also seeing mobile health companies continue to outraise other technologies, and have now brought in over a billion dollars since 2010.”

Raj Prabhu, CEO and cofounder of Mercom Capital Group.
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Marion McCall: 3 advantages of using mHealth in the OR

1. A near real-time, patient-centric OR perspective- A patient is treated by clinicians who are often from different departments mHealth allows the entire care team to know exactly what is happening
2. A comprehensive OR view supports better decisions with fewer interruptions
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Introducing the Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby Text Messaging Service  mHealth Summit Europe 2014

At the mHealth Summit Europe in Berlin in May, Intel presented its vision of the future of healthcare. Shifting mobile technology from a hospital utilized technology to a community and user friendly version.

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