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MACRA Positioning for Plans and Providers

A study by the Future of Privacy Forum finds an overall improvement in the mHealth industry, with 76% of apps surveyed having a privacy policy – an 8% increase since 2012. More importantly, 71% of the most popular mHealth apps have a link to the policy. Among health and fitness apps, that percentage drops to 61%, and only 54% include at least a link to a privacy policy, while only 63% of apps that help women track and predict fertility offer that link.

SourcemHealth Intelligence

  “The FDA previously provided guidance on what health "applications" are likely to come under their review, which has helped the industry move forward. If the FDA similarly said we want to see evaluations of new therapeutics that include novel outcome measures, including wearable sensors and smartphone applications that hold the promise of providing objective, sensitive, high-frequency assessments of diseases, that would help the pharmaceutical and medical device industry move forward.”

E. Ray Dorsey, Professor of Neurology, Director of the CHET, University of Rochester Medical Center
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3 Concepts of Telehealth Integration

1. A new patient can sign up and input their information including demographics and insurance plan.
2. Once they are inside the virtual “waiting room”, they can see when the physician pulled up their information and also how long it might take for the physician to begin the consultation.
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Source: DOTmed
Should we trust the eDoctor   Digital Technology Is Transforming the Way Athletes Train 

Sky Christopherson, Olympic cyclist & founder of OAthlete, discusses the mission of OAthlete, how digital technology is influencing the way athletes train and why data can be more powerful than drugs. 
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