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According to a report by MedPAC. 55% of the 175,000 Medicare telehealth claims paid in calendar year 2014 did not specify an originating site. While the absence of an originating site claim doesn’t automatically mean the reimbursements are improper, the MedPAC report did find that 44% of those telehealth claims in 2014 “were associated with beneficiaries living in urban areas,” and one provider was found to have conducted 2,000 telehealth visits in a single year, all from an urban area.

Source - mHealth Intelligence

  “We have made great progress in adopting EHRs in the last six years, but now our charge is even more difficult. Now we must develop and implement strategies that allow all stakeholders – patients, clinicians, researchers, developers and policymakers – to truly benefit from a connected, innovative health ecosystem.”

-Douglas Fridsma, MD, PhD, FACP, FACMI, President & CEO, AMIA
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Spok: Change in Hospitals' Adoption of Mobile Strategies, 2012-2017

1. In 2012 34% of Hospitals' had a mobility strategy in place.
2. In 2012 66% of Hospitals' did not have a mobility strategy in place.
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Source: MobiHealth News
Building Digital Health Startups | Christine Lemke (Evidation Health) & Bill Evans (Rock Health)  Building Digital Health Startups | Christine Lemke & Bill Evans

Christine is the Co-founder and President of Evidation Health. Bill is Rock Health’s Managing Director.
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